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Land - Cango Wildlife Ranch

Cheetah Conservation Foundation

Since 1977, Cango Wildlife Ranch has been thrilling visitors with its variety of animals and breeding programmes. Offering far more than the average zoo, Cango Wildlife Ranch believes in conservation and knows it's vital to protect all species for the generations to come. By educating the public, we ensure that the message of conservation comes across and that visitors, both young and old, realize just how fragile our planet is and how vital it is to conserve endangered species before it's too late.


Multilingual guides escort visitors on tours through the enticing Valley Of Ancients housing various exotic and endangered animals including the Cape Vulture, Madagascar Lemur, Greater Flamingo, Spotted-necked Otter, Pygmy Hippo, Marabou Stork and, of course, the infamous Nile Crocodile.


Cheetahland, home to various big cats, including cheetah, Bengal tigers and rare White lion also forms part of the tour allowing visitors have a birds' eye view of these magnificent creatures from a raised walkway.


The ever popular Natural Encounters programme offers visitors a unique opportunity to interact with a variety of ambassador animals. Participating visitors can stroke a cheetah and even meet a Bengal tiger cub or two when cubs are available. For the adventurous at heart, try Crocodile Cage Diving with 4-meter Nile crocodiles or try to remain still while a python wraps itself around your shoulders! Boredom is not an option at the Ranch with such a variety of fun things to do and see. To capture your special moments, a professional photographer will take a complimentary picture of your Encounters and we can even print it for you on a coffee mug or a t-shirt.


Cango Wildlife Ranch boasts two restaurants with delicious treats for the entire family, a children's play and water park where the kids can run wild while Mom and Dad is able to enjoy a meal whilst keeping an eye on the children.

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