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South Africa Official languages

South Africa has 11 official languages. While English is commonly understood across the country and is the language of business,
politics and the media, it only ranks joint fifth out of the 11 official languages.

South African conversational English is littered with words and phrases from its seductive menu of official languages,
so download these useful greetings and phrases and donít be shy to mix it up.

English Hello, how are you? How much is this? Thank you
Afrikaans Hello, hoe gaan dit? Hoeveel is dit? Dankie
Zulu Sawubona, unjani? Imali? Ngiyabonga
Xhosa Molo, kunjani? Malini na? Enkosi
Ndebele Lotjhani, Unjani? Yimalini? Siyabonga kakulu
Sepedi Dumela, O kae? Ke bokae? Ke a leboga
Sotho Dumela, O kae? Ke bokae? Ke a leboha
Tswana Dumela, O kae? Ke bokae? Ke a leboha
Swati Sawubona, kunjani? Kubita malini loku? Ngiyabonga
Venda Ndaa, vho vuwa hani? Zwi ita vhugai? Ndi a livhuwa
Tsonga Avuxeni, Ku njhani? PXana i mali muni? ndzi khense ngopfu

South Africa's national anthem - Nkosi sikelel' iAfrica (God bless Africa), is unique in that it comprises five of the country's 11 official languages Ė Khosa, Sesotho, Zulu, Afrikaans and English. The use of different official languages is symbolic of the country becoming
a unified nation.

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